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Keto Fat Bomb Recipe [Almond Butter Chia Squares]

Keto Fat Bomb Recipe [Almond Butter Chia Squares]

Keto Fat Bomb Recipe

 [Almond Butter Chia Squares]

Is it true that you are becoming weary of the sleek frozen fat bombs that you've been making and continually seeing around the web? All things considered, I sure am. So I needed to embark to give some new surfaces, flavors, and approaches to get your fats in. These are somewhat more carby and less greasy than the unadulterated oil fat bombs, yet they taste SO much better that it merits checking them out. 

They come out to 83% fats, 5% carbs, and 8% protein which is still exceptionally ketogenic in itself. Also… they taste ah-may-punch. Truly, I could pop so many of these in my mouth since they're simply mind-blowing. You get that delectable nutty character coming through from the almonds and every one of the toasted fixings. Then, at that point, you get the coconut layers that come through from the oil and destroyed coconut. To wrap things up, you polish off with an inconspicuous sweet vanilla character that asks your mouth to eat more. 

Remember that you can sub out essentially any nut for the almonds (macadamias or walnuts for higher fat) and sub out any enhancing you need for the vanilla. Never get exhausted, never eat frozen oil again, and appreciate what you're placing into your body! 


  1. ½ cup crude almonds 
  2. 4 teaspoon coconut oil 
  3. 4 tablespoons erythritol 
  4. 2 tablespoons margarine 
  5. ¼ cup weighty whipping cream 
  6. ¼ teaspoon fluid Stevia 
  7. 1 ½ teaspoons vanilla concentrate 
  8. ½ cup unsweetened destroyed coconut pieces 
  9. ¼ cup chia seeds 
  10. ½ cup coconut cream 
  11. 2 tablespoons coconut flour 

Sustenance Summary: This makes 14 all out Almond Butter Chia Squares. Per square, it is 145.72 Calories, 13.6g Fats, 1.9g Net Carbs, and 2.8g Protein.

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